The Heavy Escort Carrier Ships for Collecting STO Credit

The excitement of the STO Credit Hunters to announced three new Tier 6 Heavy Escort Carrier starships. The first is an enhanced version of the Tier 5 Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier, called the Alita Class Heavy Escort Carrier [T6]. This starship is available at Vice Admiral Rank. The second is an all new Klingon Raptor called the Qa’Tel Flight Deck Raptor [T6]. Read more below for the Ship abilities and you might use them for STO Credit hunting in the future.

heavy ships for sto credits

Peeking Inside the Ships for STO Credit

All three of these new Tier 6 starships come equipped with a Destabilized Tachyon Emitters universal console. When activated, this console will emit a devastating burst of tachyon radiation that will deal instant heavy shield damage to foes with 5km. Affected foes will also suffer shield damage over time and have their shield hardness reduced for a short time.

In addition, each of these starships can unlock the Coordinated Assault starship trait by achieving level 5 in their Starship Mastery. While this starship trait is slotted and you activate Beam: Overload I, II or III you will allow your pets to use Beam: Overload I. Using Cannon: Rapid Fire I, II or III will allow your pets to use Cannon: Rapid Fire I. Remember that your pets must have weapons that are compatible with these attack upgrades in order to benefit from this starship trait

Costumes for the Ships of STO Credit Hunters

Each of these 3 starships comes with its own unique costume, but they can also use parts from lower tier ships within the same family. The Alita Class Heavy Escort Carrier has access to the Akira, Zephyr and Oslo class costumes for free, while it has access to the Armitage and Thunderchild costumes if those ships are owned. The Qa’Tel Flight Deck Raptor has access to the Qin and Birok costumes for free. The Jhu’ael Tactical Carrier Warbird has access to the Ar’kif costume for free and has access to the Arkala costume if that ship is owned.

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