TOS Accounts: Two Types of Tree of Savior Players

It is quite obvious in the forums that there are two distinctions of players who have TOS Accounts today. Even the game is fairly new and not all have access to it yet (unless paying for the early access), the two types of players have become evident with lightning speed.

First Type of TOS Accounts Players

The first type is the old school gamer that loved Ragnarok so much that they think Tree of Savior is the real Ragnarok 2. They are the ones that miss the stat points, skill formulas, total grind and the fulfillment after grinding so much. They are the ones who complain why they are bound by questing and not finding their own path to max level. Since they love grinding so much, they too are the ones who don’t want to level fast. They love and cherish grinding for every bit of experience they get. Dungeon finder is a fun killer. Finding and meeting new people to run with is where the excitement is.


Tree of Savior Account

Second Type of Tree of Savior Account Players

The other one is the new generation MMORPG player, which learned to love the new games in the 2000’s like World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft stapled the things that should be in an MMORPG and these players look for them in Tree of Savior. They want to achieve things in a short period of time because they have limited time to play (work, school, real life responsibilities, etc.). Because of this, they really want the non-grindy type of game in terms of leveling, getting rich and gearing. Simple group finder will make them say “yes, grouping with someone is easy” They want to reach max level as soon as possible.

Identifying the two types of players of Tree of Savior is not meant to separate the population. This is a mere observation of the people posting online. I don’t like and dislike either of the two either. I just noticed this and I am assuming that one of the groups will be disappointed and will cut the population of Tree of Savior in half in no time. I hope I am wrong and this won’t happen. We will find out soon.

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