Warp your Star Ships and Collect STO Credits

There are several types of Star Ships in Star Trek Online. You will unlock these ship tiers as you level up your STO Credits collector. Check out the types of star ships you can drive into space that can help you collect credits.

STO Credits Collection with Tier Ships

Check out these tier ships and collect STO Credits. These ships are usually seen at the beginning levels of the game. Using these ships as your credit collectors you can earn enough credits for your account.

  • Standard – these ships are on tiers 1 to 5 mostly available at shipyards where they can purchase for Dilithium ore or at no cost with a Rank-up ship token.
  • Refit – these ships are on tiers 1 to 4, available at shipyards or directly at the C-Store where they can be purchased for Zen.
  • Retrofit – ships in the Tier 5 are high-end vessels, some of which have to be purchased at the C-Store for up to 2,500 Zen others at shipyard for 200,000 fleet cards.


These ships might give you a pain for the price but it would be a big return if you own one.


  • Mirror version – a slightly different tier 5 version of the mirror universe can be obtained with a chance of ~2% from Lock boxes.
  • Fleet ships – These are tier 5 ships for 20,000 fleet credits and 4 fleet ship modules.


These ships are more expensive than the other ships but it is worth it if you own one.

Purchase and Selling STO Credits for profits

Using these ships you can earn STO Credits as you fight in the space. Have you thought about the things you can do with your earned credits? You check out the PlayerAuctions marketplace and sell your STO Credits or you can also buy credits to other players who are selling credits. Once you became a member of PlayerAuctions the priviledge of selling and buying in-game goods.