STO Credits in the Shuttle Event: Prove that Size Doesn’t Matter and Win

Star Trek Online is having a Shuttle Weekend Event for STO Credits hunters. Players can swarm missions using the small craft from May 29 to June 2.

Win STO Credits in the Shuttle Event

Old missions with a new twist for STO Credits

During the weekend, STO Credits hunters can use shuttles when playing select missions. Federation and Klingon Fleet Alert, No Win Scenario and Storming The Spire are among the queued events players can fly shuttles in. These missions will now feature twenty player queues. Atmosphere Assault and Vault Shuttle Event are also part of the event missions.

Marks and STO Credits rewards

Players looking for STO Credits and Marks will be happy to know that the Shuttle Weekend Event will be improving these rewards. Shuttle queued events will give out double the usual Marks when completed. So hop on your shuttle and get busy captain!