RS Gold by Burning Woods – Profits from Wood Ash

Your riches in Runescape can come from a lot of different resources. In this guide you will learn how to earn RS Gold through fire. Don’t worry though, it may sound awesome but it’s very easy to do. Read on for details.

Wood into RS Gold – Profits from Ash


Getting more RS gold for your wood

Most players, if not all, have gone through their share of Woodcutting. Some have done it for quests and minigames, while others made some RS gold by selling logs. Unfortunately, logs can only sell for so much. That’s where fire comes in handy.

Burning for RS gold

With the Firemaking skill, you can set simple Willow Logs on fire. The Ashes that are left afterwards can be sold. So, instead of a 19 coin profit, you turn your humble logs into materials that sell for 392 RS gold at the Grand Exchange. If you want, you can burn Maple Logs instead so you can get more Firemaking experience, but don’t get too much of a hit in profits.


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