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STO Credits Collection with Valdore War Bird

October 13, 2014 admin 0

The Valdore Heavy War bird is a Sub commander ship in Tier 3 level War Bird. This Star Ship vessel is an upgraded Mogai Heavy War bird. This star ship can help you collect STO Credits. Check out more about this Star ship and collect credits. Valdore Heavy War Bird: Earning STO Credits The Valdore takes its name from the I.R.W Valdore, the powerful vessel utilized by Commander Donatra in the battle against the Scimitar […]

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Aion Kinah Hunting with Gunslingers

October 7, 2014 admin 0

In Aion Online, there is several DPS class you can choose from if you want to farm Aion Kinah. Now we have the Gunslingers. They are considered a primary magic DPS class and thereby a primary DPS. If the gunslinger is combined with the Sorcerers, Rangers and Assassins they are a complete threat on monsters. Check out the details below for more about gunslingers. Gunslingers: Aion Kinah Farming When it comes to farming DPS character […]

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STO Credits Hunting with New Legacy Ships

October 4, 2014 admin 0

Legacy pack of the Star Trek Online has added new powerful and unique star ships. You can use them for STO credits collection. This expansion also added new items for the new players so they can enjoy more about the Legacy Pack. Let us feature more of the newly added star ships in the new Legacy Pack.   Heavy Star Ships of STO Credits Collection One of the newly added star ships in the Legacy […]

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