Kick Ass and Take Names With the Elder Scrolls Name Generator

Players take so much time in the character creation screen, so much that a joke came about saying it was a genre in its own right. It’s especially true when there are so many choices of parts. The deeper and more customizable the character is, the harder it is to choose how they look. The face already has so many options, from eye color and eye shape to the nose, mouth, ears, hair, chin, facial hair, scars, and other features.

That’s not even getting into the body, from its shape and size to features and physique, there are so many things to think about for your character. Then, after everything’s said and done, sometimes the thing that stumps players is giving the character a good name.

That’s what name generators are for.

The Best ESO Name Generator

Characters need the best name, especially for roleplayers. How would you be able to roleplay effectively with a name that’s out of place in the game world? Sure, there are a few ways to explain that, but the fun of the activity is blending in.

Now, you’re on a page for an Elder Scrolls Online. You’ll find that it can generate names for all kinds of races in the ESO universe. Just pick a race and gender and the page will generate five appropriate names for that race. If you’re not satisfied, press the ‘Generate’ button until you find a good name.

Here are all the races in ESO, plus a bit of a race profile. With this information, we hope you find the perfect name for your character.

ESO Altmer Name Generator

Also called the High Elves, they live in the Aldmeri Dominion and think themselves superior to other races. It comes with their belief that they descended from the gods. The whole race is proficient in magic, and so they are a natural choice when wanting to play a mage.

ESO Argonian Name Generator

Argonians are lizard-folk hailing from the Black Marsh. Due to the severe environment, they became proficient in weaponry and healing magic. As a whole, they can be cunning but are peaceful in nature. Take care not to anger them, as their pacifist ways hide a much, much darker side of their nature.

ESO Bosmer Name Generator

The Bosmer are the ‘Wood Elves’ and are far more cheery than their ‘High’ counterparts. Living in the wild and the forests led them to become masters at stealth, thievery, and stalking. They don’t feel the same superiority as the High Elves, so they have more humor than the former.

ESO Breton Name Generator

Descending from elves, Bretons enjoy a fondness and skill in magic and diplomacy. They also have a gift for swordplay. They’re prone to showboating, though they can usually back their words up with action. Innately resourceful and intelligent, Bretons can excel and adapt to many situations and roles.

ESO Dunmer Name Generator

The Dark Elves are the gritty and dour counterparts of the other elves. They might be slow to trust but are incredibly loyal once it is earned. The race specializes in stealth, magic, and swordplay. With a good affinity with fire, certain classes in the game are synergistic with their abilities.

ESO Imperial Name Generator

Outcasts of Cyrodiil, Imperials are a well-educated race with an affinity for diplomacy, trade, and tactics. Whatever adversity they face, they overcome it with hard work and resourcefulness. They’re adept at weaponry and magic doesn’t come as easily as it does for other races.

ESO Khajiit Name Generator

The Khajiit are a race of cat-people. They’re mostly the vanguard in battles, being masters of all kinds of bladed weapons. Agile and nimble, they dart in and out of enemy attacks, and many have a mercurial mood.

ESO Nord Name Generator

Nords are humans who would resort to violence easier than any other race. They prefer simple things (like punching or slashing) to anything complicated (casting spells, diplomacy). Quick to jump into a fight as they are to laugh, they’re the first to greet any conflict.

ESO Orc Name Generator

Also called Orsimer, the race is famed for its craftsmanship. Weapons made by an Orsimer are prized by all warriors. This is in contrast to how they’re treated normally, as outcasts and uncivilized. That said, they have a rich culture and history the other races never bother to know about.

ESO Redguard Name Generator

Redguards are desert people, indicated by their darker skin color. Due to their aversion to magic and fondness for swords, they would rather use physical force in conflict. A proud warrior race, they hone their bodies as a living weapon.

Whether you’re looking for an Elder Scrolls Dunmer name generator or for any other ESO race, look no further than right here. Enjoy playing Elder Scrolls Online!