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EverQuest Platinum Hunting for Level 30-35

November 4, 2014 editor 0

Earn EverQuest Platinum with these hunting monsters; The Hill Giants can be your source of platinum. These monsters can be found at Rathe Mountains. Check out more of this platinum source for your level 30-35 character. EverQuest Platinum: Hill Giants Hill Giants can be found in the Rathe Mountains is probably one of the most famous farming locations. The players called the farming spot the “EQ ATM Machine”. Because of the Hill Giant’s large drop […]

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[Guide] EverQuest Platinum Hunt for Level 1 – 49

November 3, 2014 editor 0

In EverQuest Online there are several ways to earn EverQuest platinum. Here are some tips and guides for your platinum hunt. These might give you a lift if you are farming for your level 49 characters below. EverQuest Platinum: Items for Platinum You can earn platinum by hunting these puny little crippling creatures. The spider lings are located at crescent reach. You can earn 150–200 platinum per hour. Spider link silk is by far one […]

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