Bunch of Banned Accounts in Getting TOS Silver and Bots

We all know that in every MMORPG game that we play, there are players who really want to play normally and there are players who wants to play the hard way. Some players do what is prohibited to gain profits for themselves as they grind and play the game.

Things such as using bots and selling TOS Silver are most likely the violations they abide. Commonly players who can’t play with themselves use bots and for the players who want to earn REAL MONEY in the game sell TOS Silver.

Banned Users in Playing with Bots and Selling TOS Silver

All of the players know that these common mistakes are often happen. To give them the easiest way to earn money in the game and level up fast, players usually buying good such as gold, silver and items. Using bots to navigate the game or to kill monsters, loots, or use bots to do what normal players do. They gain items and gold without getting tired playing.

In the link below is the list of the banned users in the game by violating the games regulations.

“Greetings, Saviors.

We have blocked 140 bots and 232 gold sellers. The following is a list of their team names and the reason why they were blocked.


If you feel you have been wrongly banned, please report your case to us through the support page.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


IMC Staff”

Getting yourself the Safe TOS Silver

There are several ways to get TOS Silver; some may require crafting such as collecting several items to build one item. To start with the gold farming ways, the game has quest rewards which are basically one of the general ways to earn gold after you finish a certain task. There are times that you will gain extra items and loots after you finish your quest. You can also earn gold on these items where you can sell them on the Auction house where other players might need the items you earn in your journey. You can do these ways over and over again to earn gold normally.

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