Clay Mining RS gold making guide

Having a good pickaxe will help you mine Clay which it only requires level 1 mining skill and sell them at RS gold

Clay Mining RS gold making guide

Mining clay is like mining RS gold

Mining Clay can be used in creating various equipments and items.  If players use water on the clay, it will turn into soft clay which it can be use to create pottery using Crafting skill and a Construction skill. The soft clay can also use on a Lectern in order to make Magic Tablets. By mining clay and turning those into soft clay can be a good source to sell RS gold.


This guide only requires you a good pickaxe and 14 buckets full of water or the Humidify spell. You can mine Clay at the south of Varrock and just north of the Champions Guild. From there, you could see a lot of clay rock you could mine. Mine all the clay until your inventory is full. Once that is done, head back to the bank. Use you buckets of water to the clay. Once they turned into soft clay, sell those at the Grand Exchange for RS gold. Either soft clay or hard clay can still be sold for Rs gold which is why this is a great way to make Rs gold especially for the low level players.


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