EverQuest Platinum Hunting with Magicians

When we speak of magicians their outstanding magics are on the spotlight, behind of the low HP of the magicians they bare devastating magics that can give help on the group. They can also summon elemental units that calls upon the nature. Featuring the magician character class for hunting EverQuest Platinum with elemental summons and magics.

everquest titanium farming magician

Summoning Elemental Units for Hunting EverQuest Platinum

Magicians can summon elemental pets which is a big factor when hunting for Platinum. These elemental pets accompany the summoner on every adventure. There are four (4) types of elemental pets; Air and Earth for tanking capabilities and Fire and water elemental pets for DPS purposes. These elemental pets are very reliable; they can interrupt the enemies while the magician is casting and conjuring their magics without trouble. It is very effective when you are taking up a big pile of mobs or taking up a challenge between you and a boss.

Vulnerabilities of your EverQuest Platinum hunter

Magicians are very easy to catch off guard. It will take time for them to prepare its magics before entering into battle. They are not very effective when splitting of mobs of monsters. They are only good on luring monsters because of their elemental pets. But always be careful of your magician’s HP, if your magician dies, your elemental pets also dies and it can cause commotion on your group when your elemental pets loses the agro.

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