Aion Kinah Collector from Plumes, Expansion Cards and Costumes

Aion Kinah hunters who want to take a jab at the Plume event should head over to the Aion Store now. Tempering Solutions are now on sale along with Plumes. Fashionable Daevas also get a few new items they can purchase.

Plumes, Expansion Cards and Costumes for Your Aion Kinah Collector

Plumes bundles for your Aion Kinah hunter

Starting June 18, Tempering Solution Bundles will be available in the Aion store. Two bundles will be up for sale containing Tempering Solutions and a Plume of your choice. Also available are individual solutions and plumes. Grab them now and have your Aion Kinah hunter join the Power of the Plume event!

More inventory for Aion Kinah hunter costumes

Daevas who like to dress up can head to the store and pick up new costumes for their Aion Kinah collector. Cogwheel Couture and Revealing Camo are on sale now. Need inventory space? Then grab a Level 4 Warehouse expansion card too!


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