Habbo Credits Collector’s News Digest – Olympian Maze 2.0

We are back with this week’s hottest news for Habbo fans! This week Habbos can earn badges in the True Olympian Maze 2.0. The winners of the Janitor Challenge have also been announced. Lastly, be sure to get Habbo Credits so you can buy Frank’s Floral Farm bundle for your character.


Maze badges for your collector of Habbo Credits

Mazes are often fun little distractions many people will find in news papers and activity books aimed at children. The True Olympian Maze 2.0  however is a completely different type of maze however. Featuring 100 rooms, the maze will put players to the test. Not only does the maze take hours to complete, it also requires quick wits and the occasional help from other players.

The maze is designed Usul and is actually the second of its kind. The first being featured nearly a year ago. This second version of the maze features new rooms. Habbos can also get three new Badges from this year’s version of this massive maze. You can check it out here.

Habbo Credits hunters win Janitor Challenge

Last week the official HabboShorts channel featured a small clip called Spaceship Smashup featuring a rather clumsy handyman in space. Following this, Habbos were challenged to create a fictional resume for the character as it was obvious that he would be seeking employment soon. After many interesting and funny CVs, the winners of the Janitor Challenge has been posted. The top three spots go to Scriber, Ben, and Underneath. The runners up include:

  • Loverboy no1
  • -HinkTheBeep.
  • l3eer
  • Audies
  • Paradiizee
  • Miracle_Gamer
  • UnderCover.
  • Chidiva
  • Volek
  • Yeap
  • ShizzelMuffins
  • iGoblet
  • lacylolita
  • Okeanos
  • Jasmineannie
  • KindKyle

Floral Farm Bundle for Habbo Credits

Habbos who love nature, farming and flowers can satisfy their green thumbs with Frank’s Floral Farm Bundle. Currently available in the shop, you can use your hard earned Habbo Credits to get the bundle. It includes a room furnished with a farm theme filled with everything a flower farm needs. Additionally, getting the 99 credit bundle will give your character a badge.


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