Hunters Venturing Inside the Tower to Earn Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

the cloak tower for hunters of neverwinter astral diamonds

The tower takes its name from a guild of mages called the Many-Starred Cloaks who lived and gathered there. They were well known in the city for their arcane skill and for the whimsical, colorful cloaks they wore. During the Spellplague, the tower and its occupants vanished. The tower reappeared half a year later on a different patch of ground in the city.

As a tavern tale has it, when thieves first broke into the tower several months after it first reappeared, they found empty halls and no mages (or bodies). Only the guild members’ many-starred cloaks remained, hanging from pegs on the wall. Then disaster struck the thieves: The lone survivor of the group told of a horrific attack from cloaks that suddenly came to life and enveloped the other bandits.

Boss Fights for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

Whether the tale or any part of it is true, the citizens of Neverwinter shunned the tower for decades thereafter–no one wanted to risk entering it. District residents expected that the orcs, too, would run afoul of the tower’s wards when they tried to occupy the place, but the creatures were able to move in safely. They have established themselves quite nicely in the most protected holdfast in the district.

Makred the Foul is one of the Bosses you can face in the Cloak Tower. He acts like a buffed up Eye of Gruumsh. His attacks are consisting of a forward spear thrust that launches whoever is in front of him backwards. It is signaled by him rearing backwards to strike. Followed and finished by attacking by summoning a symbol of Gruumsh to smite the enemies fighting against him and forcing them to lie prone.

Profitable Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

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