Kobold Hunting for EverQuest Platinum

One of the great farming spots for level 55 to 60 is the Nagafen’s Lair. You can earn EverQuest Platinum while you are leveling up your character. Tons of pricey items are droppable here. Read more below about this farming spot.

everquest platinum in kobolds

Kobold Hunting for EverQuest Platinum

There are a lot of kobolds in this farming area near the zone in from Lava Storm. They can drop tons of bronze gear and fine steel weapons which can be sold for good merchant price. You can earn big profits on these items since the drop rate is high. You grind as long as you want in this farming area with these monster mobs because as long as you kill them they will drop pricey items.

You can also level up your character with these monster mobs since they give the right amount of experience for your character. Get rich and strengthen your character.

EverQuest Platinum Purchasing and Selling

Once you earned much platinum that you never expected you can sell your extra platinum in PlayerAuctions or you can buy platinum if you are lacking much time to grind. You can buy and sell the platinum you earned and get profits in exchange of your grinding.

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