Level and EverQuest Platinum Guide for Lvl. 50 Characters

Earn EverQuest Platinum on the Pick Claw Goblins. The average earning of platinum after killing these monsters is 1 to 3 platinum and 1,250 to 2,210 platinum per hour. Check out more of the goblins and start leveling and farming platinum for your character.

everquest platinum in runny eye

EverQuest Platinum Hunt at Runny Eye

Runny Eye is one of the great farming locations in early level 50. As with many other locations, this one will continue to improve as you level up but will start to damper off around the level 70. Runny Eye will probably the first dungeon or place you will encounter with traps and slide floors. There is one pit trap as you are going down in the core of the spot. It is a really long fall and it might kill you at the lower levels if you fell down from it.

Item Loots for EverQuest Platinum

If you kill monsters around Runny Eye you can earn at least 3 to 5 platinum per kill. You can also earn tons of defiant gear as well as fine steal weapons and black alloy gear. These items have good price when sold to a merchant. The bad thing about these items, it will not stack in your inventory and your inventory will be filled easily.


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