Spin the Wheel of Fortunerk and Win Rare Items for your Aion Kinah Hunter

The Wheel of Fortunerk returns to Aion! Players get a chance to win fabulous prizes for their Aion Kinah hunter with every spin.

rare items for aion kinah

Getting rare items for your Aion Kinah hunter

Players of Aion will be happy to know that the Wheel of Fortunerk is back and now has more items in store. For just 99 NCoins they can get a spin on the wheel for a chance to win equipment bundles, Tempering Solutions and even a palace. And if a palace is not fit for your character you can get one billion Aion Kinah instead.

How to spin and win Aion Kinah

To play, log-in on the website and click the minigame link on the side. Then pick your Aion Kinah hunter at level 30 or above and then spin the wheel. It’s that easy! Each spin costs 99 NCoins so be sure to load up.


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