STO Credits Hunting in Leveling and Specializations

captain specialization to earn for sto credits

Captain and Bridge Officer Specializations are an addition to the skill and trait systems, a key to individualizing and specializing your character and Bridge Officers. Captain Specializations are a form of skill progression that is opened after achieving Level 50 and therefore completing the main skill tree.

Starting with level 51, each level-up provides a specialization point. Spending 10 points in a specialization that is available as either Primary or Secondary unlocks the ability to craft Specialization Training Manuals. These can teach Bridge Officers in that Specialization, adding to them the option to activate it, thereby unlocking special space and ground abilities.

Different Specializations for Hunting STO Credits

Each specialization grants three different perks:

  • An inert buff scaling with the points spent in it
  • Any of the selected tree-abilities
  • Certain unlock depending on the amount of points spent. Two specializations may be active at once (primary & secondary); inactive specializations do not grant their buff or tree-abilities (only unlocks remain available). For Bridge Officers, only a single specialization may be active (granting new abilities but no further buffs).

After reaching the level cap of 60 of your STO Credits Hunter, specialization points can still be earned indefinitely by filling the skill point bar the same way as during actual leveling (maxing out at 159,102 Skill point icon.png per captain specialization point). Specializations cannot be changed or reset because a character is able to acquire all the specialization points that can be spent. As of August 2015, there are 105 specialization points total, therefore one would need to fill their skill bar an additional 95 times to complete the current specialization skill list.

STO Credits Rewarding and Profiting

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