STO Credits All Your Life! Lifetime Subscriptions on Sale!

Tired of waiting to log into Star Trek Online? Wish you had the ZEN for a new ship? Are you devoted fan of the franchise and game? Then why not get a Lifetime Subscription for your STO Credits hunter while they’re on sale! sto credits life time subscription sale

Prepare to hunt STO Credits all your life

From June 19 to July 10, Lifetime Subscriptions will be on sale. Pay $199.99 USD instead of $299.99 USD to get all the benefits of a Gold Member. This includes Priority Login so you can hunt STO Credits without having to wait in line to log in. Lifetime Subscription holders also get access to Foundry Creator and related playable content.

Veteran Rewards, STO Credits and ZEN

Another perk players will get is instant access to Veteran Rewards for their STO Credits hunter. Even better, players also get 500 ZEN each month to spend on new ships and items. For a full list of benefits please check the Free-to-Play Matrix here.

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