Aion Kinah – Honest Review of Aion Online


Aion online was released in 2008, and one of the first MMORPG with outstanding graphics and character creation. However, the game did not get much attention because people are focused on their current MMORPG which steal their time on trying new games. In the year 2008, MMORPG games have distinct characteristics, like grinding for weeks and only gaining 3 levels.

Aion online – is it still worth playing in 2016?

Aion Kinah – Honest Review of Aion Online: Quests

We all hate doing chores. It is why we are playing games. In this game, players also do chores for NPC, like pointlessly running a long path, after gathering the required items, or killing a certain mob, prepare to run back to the NPC again. It feels more like chores than a real quest. When we say quest, enticing adventure with awesome reward to look forward is the first thing that comes to mind. The quest in this game treats a player like a slave, telling the player to go there, kill this/that, talk to him/her, deliver this item to that guy and more.

Furthermore, shackles are not only tied on completing tedious quests. Upon dying, a character has to travel to where his/her body died with very slow movement speed.

Overall, the quest and adventure of the game is not hard. It is just hassle.

Aion Kinah – Honest Review of Aion Online: Visuals

Comparing the visuals of Aion online to its generation, Aion online’s visual is top notch. But if we are going to compare its visual to today’s generation, Aion online’s visual is a complete trash.

Aion Kinah – Honest Review of Aion Online: Character Creation

Aion online’s character creation is complex. It offers tons of option on the character’s size, body shape, eyes, and more!


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