Albion Online has not officially released yet but the good thing is that they are just putting content after content into the game. This can be good and bad at the same time in my opinion but let’s talk about it in a different time. Let us focus on the new content they are injecting into the game as it is pretty exciting because it is kind of a new content. It might be a good source of Albion Gold as well, who knows. Read on for more information.

Albion Gold: Hellgates

Hellgates will be the new map in Albion Online. This map is pretty interesting because it is a hybrid of PVE and PVP. For players to enter the new content, they have to defeat demonic monsters in the current world map. This will spawn an orange portal which will serve as an entrance to Hellgate. That is the first PVE part of this new content. More demons are inside Hellgate. While they are more powerful demons inside and not to discount them, the real threat in entering the new map will be the other players there. Hellgate will be an open PVP area and while you think you can take those demons out, the hazard of being killed by other players will be more of concern.

This is the goal of Hellgates according to the Albion Online official website:

Hellgate Design Goals

  • Hellgates are about PvP.
  • Mobs should play no, or a very limited, role in deciding who wins the PvP fight.
  • Mobs should act as sources for loot and as a time buffer that allow a second team to join the Hellgate before it is finished.
  • Hellgate strategy should not be affected by artificial game mechanics such as timers.
  • Dodging the opposing team should not be possible. At the same time, there needs to be a legitimate way out of the Hellgate if something unexpected happens, for example: your healer  disconnects.
  • Camping the opposing team’s entrance should not be a valid strategy.

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It doesn’t say if you can get more Albion Online Silver there or if it’s a lucrative place to look for Albion Silver but having this sort of map looks very challenging and fun! Are you excited for Hellgates? Leave a comment below!