Celebrating Winter with Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunters

Winter has come and so has the celebration of this wonderful year for Neverwinter. You, the Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds are saying farewell to 2015 by holding a series of promotional events that are sure to warm your hearts from the frigid weather outside.

winter events for hunters of neverwinter astral diamonds

The game dev’s put together a list and checking it twice of all the events and freebies we have until the end of the year – and then some!

Take note of the Events below and enjoy the weekend celebration in Neverwinter.

Series of Events for Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

The events listed below can be participated with the following dates;

  • 2x Guild Marks Event starts in 12/17 and will end in 12/24
  • 2x Profession Resources Event starts in 12/20 and will end at 12/27
  • 2x XP event starts at 12/24 and will end in 12/29
  • 2x Enchants and Runes Event starts in 12/27 and will end at 12/30
  • 2x Refinement Points Event starts at 12/29 and will end in 1/04

Take note that: 2x Profession Resources currently does NOT affect Masterwork Profession nodes.

They also give a free items schedule which can be claimed in the Zen Market which will start at 2am PST;

  • Saturday, 12/26 – Free Bag of Holding
  • Sunday, 12/27 – Free Stone of Health
  • Monday, 12/28 – Free Experience Booster
  • Tuesday, 12/29 – Free Blood Ruby
  • Wednesday, 12/30 – 3x Free Preservation Wards
  • Thursday, 12/31 – 5x Free Scrolls of Life
  • Friday, 1/1 – Free Winter Wolf Mount

All of these items except for the Winter Wolf mount are claimable only once, and bind to either the character or the account.

The Winter Wolf mount can be claimed on every character on the account, and is reclaimable – but after the free day is over, it is no longer reclaimable!

Profitable Neverwinter Astril Diamonds

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