When acquiring Neverwinter Gold you must know what kind of Astril Diamonds you are looking for; there are Rough Astril Diamonds and the normal Astril Diamonds in Neverwinter. You can follow these simple tips to acquire these diamonds.

Regular Astril Diamonds are the proper currency form and can be spent on items you want to purchase and the Rough Astril Diamonds must be refined first before they can be used for purchasing. There is a daily limit of 24,00on how many Rough Astril Diamonds can be refined in into Astril Diamonds. It is the mechanism by which the currency is time-gated.

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Getting the Neverwinter Gold with Diamonds

Invocation changes: I think Panderus has hit most of the points, but let me just clarify:

  • There is no “expiration” of the bonus. It won’t ever go away. As long as you are actively playing the character, the new system should not leave you any worse off.
  • In fact, the new system leaves you better off (again, if you are playing the character) by about +20%, because it just gives you that much more AD (at L70 — slight variations at lower levels, just due to rounding).
  • There is supposed to be a UI treatment that makes this all clear. Looks like that isn’t in yet :(. But it basically looks like a glory boost, if you’ve ever used one of those. It’s a buff icon that tells you how many more points of +50% earn rate you have left.
  • There is a cap on the total boost value you can get (all numerics in any game need some kind of cap, computers don’t like infinities), but it’s super-big. It’s set to 100,000 AD, which is about a month’s worth of boost. So you could invoke all day every day for a month (ok, 27 days to be precise) and still not lose a thing (again, in fact you get +20%). Past a month, and you’d hit the cap if you invoked the full amount every day that month but never played anything that earned you AD.
  • Characters that you never play with — only invoke — are the only ones that lose out. Which was the intention: more rewards for playing, less for characters you don’t play.

Profitable Neverwinter Diamonds

You can also check out the marketplace where great players are offering profitable Neverwinter Diamonds. It might help you out on times that you are in the dire need of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. Check out the marketplace site and look for the offers that might suit your needs in playing the game.