Collecting and Exchanging Dilithium Ore for STO Credits

When we struggle to collect STO Credits for our character we can farm for dilithium for credits. It may take time since you must grind for it to earn many dilithium. These steps might give you a hint for better production of dilithium and give you enough credits for the expense of your character.

STO credits on dilithium ore event


Dilithium Ore Collecting for STO Credits

In Star Trek Online, Dilithium ore is the major form of currency. Dilithium ore can be use to exchange or purchase goods to provide the needs of your STO credits collector. It is a time-based currency ranging 480 dilithium per 15 minutes of game play according to Cryptic. You can obtain these dilithiums from a certain mission mostly repeatable every 20 hours that may require time for a player to complete.

Missions for STO Credits

You can take up the Academy Lore mission and earn Dilithium ore for your STO Credits. The “History 102: Alpha Quadrant Midterm” mission can give you 480 dilithium, “Learning the Lore of the Empire” for 480 dilithium. Take the Borg Invasion with the “Borg Deep Space Incursions” for 480 dilithium (per day and sector block). Lastly you can take up the Beta Ursae Daily which are “asteroid mining” for maximum 1000 dilithium.

You can repeat some quest and missions for extra dilithiums. It may require time but it would be worth it if you earn much than you expected.

STO Credits in Marketplaces

If you are struggling for STO Credits, this marketplace is a place where you might check out for members who are selling or buying credits for their accounts. You can become a member now and have the privilege of selling your Star Trek online items and credits. Once you buy credits to other players they gain profits on things they sell on the marketplace.

If you know for yourself that you have enough STO Credits, you can sell your credits in the marketplace so you can also gain few profits. As you earn STO credits, you can sell them to other players who are willing to pay to get credits for the needs for their account at character.

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