Lately, my older brother’s been asking me to help him find the old version of Counter-Strike for him to install in his machine. He was pertaining to the CS version 1.5 and below. Any of those versions is preferred. He saw his son playing a shooting mobile game in the tablet and missed the old Counter-Strike we used to play back in high school. So I told him I would help him but unfortunately, I can’t find the old version anymore. Realization came after, “why not play the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?” What is the right suggestion, succumb to nostalgia or be updated to the present version of Counter-Strike? Not to mention there are new CSGO skins. Let us analyze.

CSGO Skins: Little Analysis

The very reason my brother wanting to install the old CS version is to show his son the game that we used to play. The capability of their PC comes second. We don’t know if their old machine can handle CSGO.

Now let’s go to the upside of CSGO compared to the old version.

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New Graphics

If one of the main reasons is to showcase a great game to a young man, better start with graphics. Any good looking and advanced game will entice a kid. He will think that the game is so cool because it is so much pleasing to the eyes compared to the much pixilated version. Walls are smoother, gun shots look more realistic, players do look like real humans; those will attract an eight year old boy even more. Who knows, his son might think the old version sucks because of the outdated graphics and a good father-son bonding would be wasted.

Smoother Gameplay

Advanced graphics will be shortly followed by smoother gaming experience. As the game feels so much more realistic than the old version, it is as if you are really shooting guns. Should I still mention how throwing grenades feels so real? Maybe I will let them experience for themselves.


If this endeavor results my nephew on being enticed to go professional e-sports player regardless of what game, then I will be a happy uncle. I can share a lot of tips on how to go about games and one of them is FPS. Belonging to a non-gaming family, having my nephew interested in committing to a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be a happy moment. So, instead of wasting time to an old game, I should encourage them to play CS:GO that is so lucrative in the E-Sports scene right now.

CSGO Trading

As much as I don’t want to, they might want to consider the road to making money out of CSGO Trading. It is very legit right now, I think, to trade some of the skins that you don’t want or need any more to other players and get real money out of that. If my nephew enjoys the game that much and make a money out of it, then hey, that’s lunch money for him. That would lessen the times he asks for money from me.

Any other ideas on why choose the new CSGO instead of the old version? CSGO skins or not, what other reasons are there? Share your ideas in the comments section below!