Hear ye, hear ye: Everquest will be having a new server! And this isn’t a regular server, but instead an event server, and that means a chance to earn Everquest items, including Everquest Krono. And since this is an event server, you don’t just join it; instead, you participate in it.

Everquest Krono: Low-down on Quarm Server

But before loading up on Everquest Krono, you might be wondering why, of all the many characters in the game, was the new server named after Quarm? That is because the server will be preserved after the events of the server has run its course, just like the way Druzzil Ro preserved the timeline after the defeat of the eponymous boss. And by that it means that the server will be closed once Event I is over, thus “preserving” it.

Aside from being open for a limited span of time, the server will be unique because it will be all about Event I, which in turn will be featuring these specific set of server-wide rules. First and foremost, characters created in the server will start at Level 51 and have 50 AA Points and a full set of level-adjusted Defiant gear, giving players a bit of a headstart. Second, the game will only be having content and mechanics that can be found on Omens of War and all patches before it; anything past Omens of War will not be applied.


Third, there will be a bit of a trading restriction. Because even though most EQ items will be tradable, the trading rules will be following that of the Firiona Vie server. And to level the playing field and make sure that the game’s loopholes cannot be exploited, multiple accounts cannot be launched on the same computer, and there will be no Recruit-a-Friend EXP bonus to give some players with friends an EXP leverage. And last but definitely not least, the server, like what’s been previously said, will be open for only 3 months, so if you

Time waits for no one, most especially in a server like this. So as soon as it’s launched, which is on July, you better get your Everquest Krono fix and hit the ground running.