Frost has high base armor and excellent shield values and can be played as either an offensive bruiser caster or a defensive tank support. An offensive Frost can focus on abilities such as Ice Wave and Avalanche to slow and clear entire rooms and waves, or use Snow Globe and Freeze for a more defensive role by protecting teammates from gunfire and immobilizing powerful enemies, respectively especially if you’re battling for Warframe Items.

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Frost’s Abilities in hunting Warframe Items

His base sprint speed is amongst the slowest of the Warframes. Keep this in mind when dealing with impatient team mates playing faster frames or when running from fast-paced enemies such as disgruntled Infested or Corpus Moa. Adding a sprint speed mod (Rush) of 20% or more is usually considered enough to keep up with other players and reduce the frustration from such a slow base speed. Below are the skills you can use to play Frost;

  • Freeze -Its primary strength is that a direct hit causes the target to be frozen in place for a fixed 10 seconds, regardless of rank. This is particularly useful when fighting single enemies such as bosses to buy time for teammates to revive incapacitated Tenno, recharge shields, reload, etc. Targets that are frozen will be freed of their immobility if they take health damage by anything. Freeze’s utility can be easily wasted unless proper coordination with teammates is exercised.
  • Ice Wave – As a damage and crowd control ability, it can be dependent on the situation; it only affects those in front you rather than all around you. It works effectively against a large group of enemies rather than a single enemy like a boss. Ice Wave is best used against enemies in a tightly-packed line. Loses effectiveness on infested as Ancients resist much of the damage.
  • Snow Globe – Enemies that enter or are already inside the snow globe will suffer the Cold effect, though their bullets will travel normally when fired inside the shield. Those inside the globe can shoot targets outside, however players outside the globe cannot shoot targets inside; the globe blocks all incoming fire, enemy and player alike.
  • Avalanche – stuns and knocks back enemies a small distance when cast, this may result in them being out of range for the freeze and subsequent damage, so it is important to make sure you group enemies effectively before casting. This ability can damage enemies through walls. Using Avalanche while pressed against a wall can clear a room without even entering.

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