Habbo Credits Hunter’s Weekly News – Habbo Goes Military

Habbo players can have a taste of the military life with the recent updates to the game. This week collectors of Habbo Credits can join a new military themed contest, as well as find out who won in the Bunker Room competition. A military themed room has also been released for players.


New completion for Habbo Credits hunters

The success of the military does not come from just one individual, despite what you can see in all the action movies and games. The strength of the military comes from teamwork. And this is what the Platoon of Pals: Look Competition in Habbo is searching for.

Team up with your friends to form a platoon of four to six members. Then take a screenshot of your platoon dressed in military uniform. Post the screenshot in the Bootcamp Channel and you and your friends will get a chance to win special Hippo Furni. Note that only one screenshot needs to be sent by the group. Just make sure the names of all members is in the screenshot. Up to ten winners will be chosen.

Training room for Habbo Credits

If you want to work for your Badge then why not get the Military Assault Course Bundle. This new bundle is military themed and has an obstacle course for your character. It is currently available for just 99 Habbo Credits and comes with its own badge. If you’re joining the competition above, taking your screenshots in this room will make your entry look cooler. Get yours today!

Habbo Credits hunters who won the bunker room contest

On May 19, the winners of the recent  Underground Bunker Room Competition was announced. The completion challenged Habbos to design a room with a military theme, specifically a bunker located underground. Player chidiva took top place and received a special Hippo Furni and a month long membership to Builder’s Club. Other players picked to be part of the top 19 include: brightflame, bludhound, Underneath., soccermaniac999, Mehun, Quark., Trammel, Per-Simon, ThelrinaBlue, Satu, -Alone.,, 3476, Dimm, boom…, 5$, BossEfrenray, DiscoSign, -flabbergast, and Rayns. These players received a special Hippo Furni for their efforts. You can see their entries in the Bootcamp Channel.