Hunt the Doom Bug for EverQuest Platinum

If you are struggling for EverQuest Platinum you can check out the DSH Farming spot. This spot is recommended for level 85 characters. Read more about this farming spot and check out the doom bug as your platinum farming monster.

beetle hunting for everquest platinum


EverQuest Platinum Hunting in DSH

There are two locations of the beetles; one of the two spot is for farming. It is almost always permanent camped by a group and the second is the Ribcage which is located at southeast of the Farm. About twenty (20) beetles are there for you to kill, with their fast rate of respawn rate. These beetles can drop tons of different items that can be sold to vendors for a bit which includes diamonds, spells, faycite crystals. Every loot is worth looted off the beetles and if your inventory gets full there are over a dozen vendors in the zone as well as a banker.

EverQuest Platinum Purchasing and Selling

Once you earned much platinum that you never expected you can sell your extra platinum in PlayerAuctions or you can buy platinum if you are lacking much time to grind. You can buy and sell the platinum you earned and get profits in exchange of your grinding.


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