Don’t you hate it when a game you anticipate so much has no definite release date? It really annoys me when they only announce the year or even just the quarter of a said year of the release. It is really vague and my hype for the game dies so fast. Not only it makes me not want to play the game anymore, it makes me hate it. It will easily angry me and will make me hate the company behind the game. Let’s just take Albion Online for example. I have researched the release date of the game and nowhere in the internet, not even their official website, say anything about the exact date. I am so excited to make a million Albion Online Gold already and I cannot move forward, afraid of the rolling reset on launch day.

Albion Online Gold: Keeping an Open Mind

There has to be a reason on why they keep the release date unspecific, right? There must be a good reason. I swear that if they don’t, they are just making themselves look bad, in my eyes at least. As an avid fan of the game even if it is just in beta, I have to keep an open mind or I will just ruin the game to myself. That would be so unfair to the game, the gaming company and most importantly, to myself. So I’m thinking, what is or are the good reasons they are keeping the long and indefinite release date? Here are the only two things I thought of.


There are many MMORPGs out there that launched so early that it made things bad. Let us take the Final Fantasy XIV way before they recalled it and made FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. People were so disappointed upon the release of the MMORPG. Even the developers admitted that the game was so underwhelming and they were so embarrassed about it. Management had to stop the operations of the game and reworked on it. I don’t know if they gave out compensation to the players during that time but they really deserve some. FFXIV: ARR was released soon after and things really changed for the better.

I think Albion Online is trying to avoid rushing it so that players won’t be disappointed. This game really has a big potential and the anticipating fans like me are not to be disappointed. The game should be almost perfect (which I know is impossible) when it’s going to be released. I understand it in that point of view.

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Building Hype

I don’t know if the game company behind Albion Online knows that there are many people looking forward to this game. If they do, then they must be building hype. It could be a good or a bad thing for the population of players waiting for the official release date. As time flies, the hype can go to both directions. Players might get really bored on waiting for the release day or their hype just grow stronger. If I were the company, I wouldn’t make the wait too long. People are eager to make many Albion gold and Albion Online silver.

Do you agree on my thoughts? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!