Mining your needs for STO Credits this Weekend

Farming your STO Credits is not that easy because you have to look a place of farming this item. This weekend, they will run an event and the event will give you dilithium ore. The event will give you bonus on mining dilithium ore that will help you farm better amount of dilithium ore and exchange them for credits to purchase the needs of your character and sustain your character’s items.

Bonus Dilithium Ore this Weeks’ Event

STO credits on dilithium ore event field and the dilithium mine fleet and elsewhere in the game you can gain 50% extra dilithium ore.

Dilithium Event for extra STO Credits

Dilithium Ore is one of the needs of beginner players and veteran players and exchange it for STO Credits. This mineral has farming spots; you can mine on those spots or obtain them on event quests. Here is one of good sources of dilithium ore:

• turning over Contraband on DS9, or any station with a security officer

• The daily mission: Traelus System – Satellite Repair

• Daily Aiding the Deferi

• Scanning at the Academy Event

• The Dilithium Mining Event (better if you have the VIP Claim)

This is your chance to farm STO Credits using the Dilithium ore, participate on the event now!

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