The developers are hard at work on Storm King’s Thunder and are over on the Preview forums of the Neverwinter Gold hunter’s interacting with the community. They’ve compiled updates for the class balance changes. They’ve also included links to other feedback threads created by the developers from the Preview forums. Take a look and hop on Preview to help them out!

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Balancing the Hunter Ranger for Neverwinter gold

Hey guys, quick update. Here are some more changes you’ll see hitting preview… soon. I don’t have an exact date.

  • Hunter Ranger: Binding Arrow: The secondary shot from this power should work properly again, instead of not firing if you are too far from the primary target.
  • Hunter Ranger: Binding Arrow: Will properly applied Thorned Roots again, instead of only applying Strong Grasping Roots when you have the Thorned Roots Feat.
  • Hunter Ranger: Blade Storm: Damage dealt by this Power no longer receives double benefit from damage buffs.
  • Hunter Ranger: Commanding Shot: Reverted the changes to the debuff effect and duration, and fixed bugs with its application, leading to the following patch note:
  • Hunter Ranger: Commanding Shot: The debuff should no longer fail to work in certain situations
  • Hunter Ranger: Feat: Predator: Now increases damage against your Prey by 50%, up from 40%.
  • Hunter Ranger: Forest Meditation: Can once again be cancelled via the Shift power.
  • Hunter Ranger: Hawk Shot: Damage further increased by ~37%.
  • Hunter Ranger: Hawk Shot: This power should now work better when targeting on angled ground. Note that, when trying to hit multiple targets on angled ground, aiming for the target that is further from you will help the power draw a better line.

More Hunter Ranger’s Update for Neverwinter Diamonds3

Damaging balance for hunting Neverwinter Diamonds

  • Hunter Ranger: Hawkeye: Damage dealt by this Power no longer receives double benefit from damage buffs.
  • Hunter Ranger: Longstrider Shot: Damage further increased by ~45%.
  • Hunter Ranger: Oak Skin: The tooltip now properly reports the total amount this power heals you for over the duration of the buff.
  • Hunter Ranger: Steel Breeze: No longer have charges, reverted back to standard recharge time. AoE reverted back to 20′.
  • Hunter Ranger: Steel Breeze: Recharge time reduced to 14s, down from 16s.
  • Hunter Ranger: Feats: Blade Hurricane: Now affects the next 2 melee At-Will attacks, instead of just 1.
  • Hunter Ranger: Feats: Fluid Hunter: Now also increases your Crit Chance by the same amount as it increases your Deflect Chance.
  • Hunter Ranger: Feats: Piercing Blades: Now deals 10/20/30/40/50% bonus damage as Piercing Damage, up from 8/16/24/32/40%.
  • Hunter Ranger: Feats: Scything Blade: Now causes you to deal additional 1/2/3/4/5% more melee damage at all times, in addition to the existing bonus damage based on nearby foes.
  • Hunter Ranger: Plant Growth: The first hit of damage this power deals is now considered melee damage, instead of a DoT. This means it can now proc Blade Storm, and is affected by various Feats that only affect melee damage.
  • Hunter Ranger: Rain of Swords: No longer procs Blade Hurricane/Flurry on every tick of damage, just the initial hit.
  • Hunter Ranger: Thorned Roots: Updated the tooltip to make it clear that it deals damage based on your Main Hand weapon.