Have you heard of guild spotlight? It is a guild event where the winning guild would be featured in the game’s website or forums. Basically, it is a guild exposure. The guild being featured will become famous, of course, famous guilds benefit from fame.


This article will discuss the rules for joining, pros and cons.

Guild Spotlights for Neverwinter astral diamonds Farmers: Joining

Each guild must provide the following information to join the event:

  • What’s the name of the guild
  • Number of Accounts
  • Number of Characters
  • How long has the guild been around
  • Provide a reason why the guild should be featured (at least one paragraph)
  • Guild screenshot (Groufie)

The event’s rules are strict, be sure to heed it. Every guild only can submit one entry. The event thread is for submission only, no discussion and flaming in the thread. Lastly, if you are just a member, ask for the guild leader’s permission first before submitting the guild profile.

In regards with the screenshot, make it as simple as possible yet try to be also creative. Simplicity and creativity would definitely lure the judge’s favor in whoever’s guild is the most creative.

Guild Spotlights for Neverwinter astral diamonds Farmers: Pros

As mentioned above, fame is the best reward this event could provide. Being famous would help the guild recruit members around the server. And with more members, the guild is assured to grow.

A little morale boost for the members is a decent reward too. Members would try to behave politely in other players.

Lastly, more strong members mean more opportunity to party in a fruitful dungeon. Through party farming in a dungeon it could produce some amount of neverwinter astral diamonds and split it later on. Or save it for guild funds.

Guild Spotlights for Neverwinter astral diamonds Farmers: Cons

Honestly, it is probably impossible to win this event. The game masters already chosen the winning guild, just a probability though, not sure. If they are not doing this scheme, then the probability of winning the event is very low. There are hundreds of guilds out there, guilds that will definitely steal the spotlight from you.

When these stuff happen, goodbye fame, goodbye neverwinter items.