New Legacy Ships inside the Legacy Pack for STO Credits

Legacy pack of the Star Trek Online has added new powerful and unique star ships. You can use them for STO credits collection. This expansion also added new items for the new players so they can enjoy more about the Legacy Pack. Let us feature more of the newly added star ships in the new Legacy Pack.

star ships for sto credits


Heavy Star Ships of STO Credits Collection

One of the newly added star ships in the Legacy pack is the Valdore Heavy War Bird. This star ship is a variation of the well known ship which is the Mogai Heavy War bird. The difference is the Valdor Heavy War bird has the Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator console. This console will make your target’s shield bleed. The depleted shield of your target will be transferred to your shield. This ship will be unlocked at Tier 3.

New War Birds for STO Credits collection

One of the newly developed war bird is the Dhael War Bird. This is larger than a T’Varo War Bird and this ship includes a Singularity inverter console. This console allows the captain of a Dhael to use the ship’s Singularity. The Singularity has the ability to absorb some of the power of incoming attacks. This ship will unlock at Tier 2.

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