This past weekend we witnessed some of the most intense matches ever in the Rocket League Championship Series! Six teams collecting for Rocket League Items from both North America and Europe took to the pitch to compete in the Regional Championships. These teams wanted to prove that they are the best in their region.

The stakes were higher for these teams not only to battle for regional supremacy, a spot in the World Championship, and the new addition of auto-qualification for Season 4 League Play. We’ve got a lot to run through, so let’s get right into it.

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Knockout Round for Rocket League Items Collecting

Team NA kicked things off with Genesis, Selfless, G2 Esports, and Denial Esports all fighting for their spot at the Season 3 World Championship. The first match saw Genesis being swept 4-0 in a commanding victory by Selfless. The match that followed would be the biggest upset of the day, with G2 taking a heartbreaking 3-4 loss to Denial.

Next up in the 2nd round of the knock-out matches, NRG faced off against Selfless in the Semi-Finals. After the fierce and savage seven-game series, NRG overtook Selfless 4-3 to lock in a spot in Season 4 League Play. Following the glorious victory over G2 Esports, Denial looked to take on Atelier for their spot in the Regional Final. Sizz and Turtle had other plans by leading Atelier to a convincing 4-1 victory over Denial to advance to the NA Regional Finals.

Final Rounds in Collecting Rocket League Items

In the final day of the championship, the viewers and fans have seen the #1 NRG take on #2 Atelier. Despite of the amazing team play of the previous series, Atelier could not take a single game in the finals. NRG swept the series against Atelier 4-0 that leads them their secured spot in the first-ever NA Regional Championship hat-trick. Fireburner, Jacob and GarrettG continue to prove they are the most consistent North American team who can collect Rocket League Items and they’ll be looking for a World Championship title to add to their NA dynasty.