Upon Starting your first venture in the World of ARK. You are given with few ARK Items that will help you hunt more materials in order to survive. On your first point of respawn you will found a “Stone Pick” that you can use in gathering materials. The Stone Pick is very useful especially if you are just starting the game.

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You have several options on which items that you will build such as; Offensive Items that will help you Hunt creatures, Attachment Items for Utility use and Defensive Items for defending the things you already own.

Crafting Offense in Hunting ARK Items

Gathering and Crafting offensive items is one of the essentials to survive in the game. These items will help you hunt creatures for resources and food. A good example of offensive item is the Spear. The spear weapon was usually used to stab enemies or thrown at creatures that you wish to hunt. The down side of the Spear is its durability. The spear can be broken after a single use. Bringing 2 or 3 more spears is a more recommendable tip before going hunting.

A more advanced hunting can be learned, during your continous play time you will discover more weapons and items that can be used in building and hunting. Picking up 1 offensive item and 1 defensive item is not a bad idea at all. You can equip a Wooden Club for your offense and a Wooden Shield for Defense. This tactic was common for beginners since this is an all-around hunting equipments.

Ranged Weapons are also available for crafting. The most basic ranged type equipment is the Slingshot with stone ammo. Firearms are also available for crafting, but these kinds of weaponry requires a higher level.

Defensive ARK Items and Utility Items

Defensive Items are also an essential as you play the game more seriously. This will help you defend your home and property upon your log-out time in the game. There are several types of Turrets that you can use to defend your home and properties;

  1. Auto Turret is an automatic targeting defense that attacks intruders withing its radius.
  2. Ballista Turret must be controlled by the player to gain its function. This turret can be used offensively since it can damage stone structures and it can fire underwater.
  3. Catapult Turret is also a player-controlled type of turret. This is more powerful than the Ballista Turret due to its stone ammo that damages stone structures.
  4. Mini-Gun Turret is a man-controlled turret with an extreme rate of fire but with a lack of reload. This turret will fire at enemies until its ammos were depleted.
  5. Plant Species X is a defensive plant that requires to be full grown before deploying. Upon its bloom, it will deploy and has the same abilities with the Auto Turret.

Turrets may protect our properties and ARK Items, therefore turrets must be also protected due to its durabilities. TRAPS can be a useful tool to help the turrets protect what you have. Traps like; Tripwire Narcotic Trap, Bear Trap and Tripwire Alarm trap can be set to alert everyone in your zone.