Blood Thorn is an item which gives you the ability to regenerate mana, silence a single enemy while they are taking pure damage.

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You know what I mean? If you’re silenced by the Blood Thorn any damage that will hit you will cause pure damage which includes basic attacks, Dota 2 Items or skills.

Here are some heroes which will surely benefit the brutality of this new item.

Heroes with Blood Thorn Dota 2 Items

Here are the heroes with their skills which will make the blood thorn very effective.

  • Huskar’s Burning Spear – If you can imagine the 5 second pure damage with burning DPS you will feel this as you play.
  • Doom Bringer’s DPS Skills – Imagine the burning abilities of doom such as Scorched Earth, Infernal Blade and the Doom with radiance? You are actually doomed.
  • Juggernaut’s Omnislash – Getting ripped off with the Omnislash while silenced is the most painful thing you will feel for your hero.
  • Ursa Warrior’s Fury Swipes and Over power – getting swiped with this angry bear is a pure pain.
  • Venom Attacks of Venomancer – Getting soaked in the pool of poison while you are silenced by Blood Thorn is very fatal.
  • Clink’s Searing Arrows – Pounded by burning arrow’s of clinks will bring you down in a second.
  • Broodmother’s Broodlings – Getting swarmed by small spiders while you are silenced with the blood thorn will give you the terrifying sensation of spider bites.
  • Slark Attack – Pounced and silenced with the blood thorn while Slark will eat up your agility is very brutal for supports.
  • Storm Spirit’s Remnants – Pure damage hits of static remnants are very painful due to its low cooldown.
  • Windranger’s Focus Fire – Getting barraged by arrows is very fatal even if you are the Tanky Hero.
  • Invoker’s Mind blowing Skills – It is what It is.

Do you imagine if heroes mentioned above have the blood thorn?

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