Aether lens is an item which is usually used by support heroes to give them the ability to cast or use spells safely in a distance. How does this item become useful to other heroes? Well, I will elaborate the things I know about this item and for other Dota 2 Items as well.

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Dota 2 Items: Aether Lens for Heroes with Items

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Now, here are the heroes who can benefit the most. But before that here is the item description of Aether Lens; Energy Booster + Ring of Health + Item Recipe: increase spell cast range by 200 and spell damage output by 5%.


  • EarthShaker – Since ES is a STR hero, increasing his mana pool is very helpful. It also benefits the fissure skill by increasing its range.
  • Omniknight – By this item’s bonus 200 casting range, the heal of purification can reach heroes on crucial times.
  • Pudge – with Aghanim’s Scepter, Pudge’s hook can catch heroes on far-distant high ground.
  • Sand King – Aghanim’s Scepter’s double range effect is threatening, why not extend Burrowstrike a little more?
  • Crystal Maiden – a perfect item for CM since she was usually the first hero to die if the carry heroes see her. Casting your initial skills such as Frost bite and Crystal Nova in the team fight is a great thing then Blink Dagger in the middle of the Fight to use your Ultimate.
  • Zeus – Even though Zeus already has its Global Ultimate, it is an advantage for his other skills to have a great casting range bonus. Even if you have the advantage of High ground of vision, he can give you enough burst damage if you can’t insta-kill this hero.
  • Shadow Shaman – well all of his skills will benefit this item.
  • Jakiro – Aether lens + reworked Aghanim’s Scepter for Macropyre is insane. Extending the range of Ice path is also a good thing for initiation.
  • Rubick – Since this hero steals other hero’s skill, it is a great advantage for him to get abilities in the safe range.
  • Lich – Unpredictable casting of his ultimate can scramble enemies.
  • Lion – Perfectly safe range of his skills, benefiting the most would be his ultimate.
  • Warlock – Safe range casting of his ultimate can help you support your team.
  • Dazzle – perfect item to extend the range of Shallow Grave Skill.

Dota Items for Heroes

Since this item is very useful for supporting role, why not dress up your favorite hero as well. There are several cheap Dota Items you can found in this marketplace.