Hellgates are nether-dimensional portals where a gatekeeper demon can be found. The portal will only be accessible to five players at a time. With all other aspects of life in Albion, make sure you pick your friends carefully to ensure a victory.

Gatekeepers will spawn at random places depending on the number of players and activity. The players must be responsible to their actions especially in sensing presence of evil. The players should find the demon before it pops out of existence and respawn at another place in the world in order to hunt for Albion Gold.

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Entering the Gates of the Underworld in Hunting Albion Gold

When a group of players forms into a giant mass and obliterates every unfortunate soul that comes into their path – is a common problem in MMOs. We’ve been developing several measures to discourage players from using this tactic, and the feature we’re here to talk about is just such a thing.


Once the players are inside the hell dungeon, a faction will face your unwelcome intrusion. This faction named demonic hordes are quite brutal for starters. Defeat this faction and they will lead you to the demon boss.  Defeating him will net you his souls, a brand-new resource which will be required for high-level equipment and weapons. At the end of each encounter, a gate will be provided back to the proper pastures of Albion.

Facing the Fiery Guards of Hell in Hunting Albion Online Gold

Gatekeepers are all over the world, they are in the quest of hunting for Albion Online Gold. If you kill one of the gatekeepers, he’ll drops the gate to the hell dungeon for you to enter together with up to 4 companions. Each hell dungeon can be accessed through TWO separate gates. Meaning two different groups of players will have a chance of ending up in the same hell.

There is an instance in the game where your group will be encoutering to face fellow humans in the netherworld. A situation when the tension rises and rise to some truly emergent twists while fostering an environment for more balanced 5-vs-5 PvP scenarios.