Void Knight Tank Guide with a Little DPS for Rift platinum Farmer

The void knight is a warrior’s specialization. It is one of the versatile classes in the game that can deal damage at the same time and can tank multiple enemies while helping its party members to deal damage. Void knights have always had the upper hand against paladins, the only reason of paladins being used is that the class have the skill “life’s rapture,” which helps the party a lot during raids. Without this skill no one will ever use paladin. This class can farm enormous amount of rift platinum or rift gold.


Void Knight Tank Guide for Rift Platinum Farmers: Skills Discussion about CD and Taunt


Fusion of Flesh – Use it wisely, for it shields 75% max of void knight’s hp

Power Shield – Good timing is needed when using this skill. It provides 20% mitigation boost for 4s. However, it has a cool down of 30s. Use it wisely!

Protective Shield – Reduce 30% damage for 5 seconds that awards 1 AP

Rift Shield – Shields any ally using 25% of the player’s health

Devouring Shield – A kind of weak shield, but sometimes it can be useful

Power Variation – Health points regeneration for designated target over 3 seconds



Spark – It is a single target taunt. This skill is useful against single but durable monsters.

Airburst – Valuable skill for luring dozen of monsters.

Void Knight Tank Guide for Rift Platinum Farmers: Skill discussion about Builders, OGCD and Finishers


Aggressive Block – Keep this skill activated all the time for block bonus

Reckless Strike – Void knight’s main builder

Discharge – Ranged builder

Void Storm – Secondary ranged builder

Tempest – Another area of effect builder

Ragestorm – area of effect builder that consumes 3 pacts



Retaliation – it reactivates on block



Devouring Blow – Primal finisher, it consumes 10 pacts though

Unstable Reaction – very efficient skill, as it deals damage and at the same time, a great skill to regenerate pacts

Rift Reversal – it reflects the next 3 spells

Void Knight Tank Guide for Rift Platinum Farmers: Skill discussion about Utility

Shock Burst – Area of effect silence. It is a great utility skill.

Shock – ranged silence

Spellbreaker – a self target skill that cleanses the caster itself

Spell Sunder – a good skill for regaining pacts.