RS gold making with The new skill that will help you

The memories you converted into divine energy will help you make new resources that some of them can sell RS gold

The new skill that will help you make more RS gold

Helping you make RS gold using Divination

Last August 26th 2013, The Divination Skill has been implemented and available. Featuring new resources; divine energy and memories that can be use to boost your XP gain and transmutate other resources and sell them for RS gold. You can compete with your friends or other players in the new hi-score board and win the Cape of Divination.


Interacting on a wisp will create a spring of energy which you can gather divine energy and memories from these springs. You can also convert memories into energy which you can use to make resources with the combination with other materials (except when creating boons as it only uses energy) and sell them to make RS gold.