Morphling is an Agility ranged type hero who has various skills in the game. In playing Morphling, you can play him as Mid Carry hero or Support Role. In this guide, I will give you some tips on how to make Morphling a mid carry role hero.

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With proper Dota 2 Items and Skill build, threatening strikes of waves could be your way to earn your Victory.

Dota 2 Items and Combo Skills for Morphling

There are various ways to use Morphling especially when you decide to take the Mid Carry Role. You can follow this few steps in Dota 2 Items and skill builds;

  • Damage Build – in this build, you will max the Wave Form skill only, which means Leveling up the Waveform and bonus stats alternatively. After the waveform is maxed out at level 7, you will now improve the level of the Adaptive Strike Skill at level 8.
    • In following this build, getting Yasha as your initial agility item is great advantage due to its movement speed bonus. Since your only Skill is the waveform, abusing your normal attack with bonus movement speed is an advantage.
  • Agility Strike – Once you maxed out your waveform and adaptive strike and the item Yasha is in your inventory, follow up your Item build with Ethereal blade. This build is somehow suicidal since you don’t have enough toughness or durability due to your pure agility build. But your damage output would be outstanding.
  • Shotgun Build – Transferring your remaining STR to your AGI is the most crucial move you can make to power up your adaptive strike. With the great amount of mana regeneration of Linken Spear you can change your stats as you in and out of the team fight.
    • Before engaging the enemies, you can transfer your STR to AGI and use your Ethereal Blade + Adaptive Strike combo to take down heroes with low HP.
  • Strike-Escape Tactic – Don’t forget to place your Replica in safe zones. If you’re about to turn down 1 hero even if they are 5 sticking together, Use your Ethereal Blade + Adaptive Strike Combo and if the enemy hero dies, Reactive your Replicate skill to escape.

Dota Items for Morphling

There are several items to choose for Morphling’s cosmetic items. Get your set bundles of Dota items to customize the look of your Morphling hero. You can get the Ice look, sea guardian, water tides or the Ethereal Immortal Item.