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Sure and Safest Way to Get your Habbo Credits

September 1, 2015 admin 0

Habbo is somehow the virtual world of our self. We communicate with other people on habbo the way we usually talk. We work for our needs and we need money to live but on Habbo they don’t need food literally. They work to earn Habbo coins for permanent furniture in their Habbo Hotel Room. Below are the possible steps for earning Habbo coins for free. Players of Habbo always wanted to have many Habbo credits; […]

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Rushing your Earnings in Habbo Credits

August 25, 2015 admin 0

Players of Habbo always wanted to have many Habbo credits; they end up making desperate ways to earn it even if it is very risky. Some of them use their own personal money just to earn coins. Some uses illegal ways like coins generator or visiting phishing sites for free coins. Let us see what might happen when these illegal ways are done. Habbo Credits Generator The habbo credits generator is an executable file which already known […]

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Getting your Habbo Credits while Interacting

August 18, 2015 admin 0

If you are looking for virtual games with interaction you can play the Habbo Hotel. You can interact with people thru chat. You can encounter people across the globe because this game has worldwide game service. You can earn habbo credits which you can spend for buying habbo furni for your expenses in your habbo hotel room. Habbo credits for your furniture You can earn habbo furni by simply participating on game hosting members. Most […]

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Habbo Credits Hunters’ News Digest – August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015 admin 0

We are back with another news digest for those who love Habbo Credits. This week we will look at the ongoing Gnome Invasion. Habbo Hotel players also get a new bundle to fulfill their anime highschool fantasies. Lastly, the winners of the recently held Habbo 15th Birthday Room Competition has been announced. Habbo Credits hunters fight gnomes Habbo Hotel players are making progress in their fight against the Gnome Invasion. While the Gnome factory in […]

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Habbo Credits Hunter’s News Digest – Rare Cometition and Gnomes

August 5, 2015 admin 0

Another week has passed and we are back with this week’s upcoming events and news for Habbo Credits hunters. This week, players can participate in the 15th Birthday Rare Competition. Habbos also continue the fight against the Gnome Invasion. Lastly, players can get their Steampunk fix from the Steampunk Bunk Bundle available from the store. Rare competition for Habbo Credits hunters Rare furni is something all Habbo Credits hunter wants to have more of. Unfortunately, […]

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Habbo Credits Collectors Get Invaded by Gnomes this Week!

July 29, 2015 admin 0

The 15th birthday celebration for Habbo Hotel may still be in full swing, but the Gnomes are not going to let it stop them from conquering the world. This week, collectors of Habbo Credits and furni can band together to push back the small but terrible invasion. That or get the creepy little things as pets. Gnomes versus Habbo Credits hunters The Gnomes are Invading! Team up with other Habbos to fight the surging tide […]

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More Contests for Habbo Credits Collectors During 15th Anniversary

July 22, 2015 admin 0

The 15th anniversary celebration of Habbo Hotel is far from over. In fact, collectors of Habbo Credits can participate in two new contests to win fabulous prizes in-game and out of it. A furniture bundle has also been released for players to get for their Habbos. We look at the contests and bundle in today’s article. Birthday room contest for Habbo Credits collectors Do you love creating awesome looking rooms? Then it’s your chance to […]

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Habbo Credits Have More Fun with 15th Anniversary Events

July 15, 2015 admin 0

The celebrations for Habbo Hotel’s 15th birthday is still ongoing. Players and hunters of Habbo Credits, can test their knowledge of the game in the Rooftop Café. Those who have an eye for fashion can test their skill in a new contest. Lastly, the festivities are running along a Gnome Invasion of epic proportions. Chill on the Rooftop with other Habbo Credits hunters Are you a long time Habbo player? Do you know all there […]

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Habbo Hotel 15th Birthday Events and Contest for Habbo Credits Hunters

July 8, 2015 admin 0

Habbo Hotel is celebrating its 15th birthday and Habbo Credits hunters can join the fun. To help celebrate the anniversary the game is holding a new contest. Players can also win various furni, credits and even Builders Club membership through a special event. Gnomes are also invading during the celebrations and it’s up to players to stop them. Block Competition for Habbo Credits holders Fifteen years have passed and Habbo Hotel is still going strong. […]

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Weekly News for Habbo Credits Collectors – Canada Day and Bundles

July 1, 2015 admin 0

A week has gone but in its wake is a lot of news for Habbo Credits hunters. This week we take a look at the celebration held by Canadian Habbos to celebrate Canada Day. We will also check out who won the Hablar Dino Lab Room competition. Collectors meanwhile can get a Deep Sea Den Bundle to help customize their rooms. Celebrate Canada Day with Habbo Credits hunters It’s July 1 and for Canadian Habbos […]

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