EVE brought the improvements and features for the upgraded structure gameplay. This includes the preparation for the next new group of Upwell Structures for avid hunters of EVE ISK. This concerns the roadmap for Upwell Structures in the past, present and near future.

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The past year’s progress we’re brought up for the players. The work that the developers have engaged in right now. They opened up a new survey where you can participate in creating our short-term roadmap. The developers also releasing a second dev blog at the same time as this one, which discusses the next new group of Upwell Structures: Refineries.

Discussing the Game Changes for EVE ISK

The Citadel expansion was released less than 11 months ago. The previous year’s huge progress in EVE’s structure gameplay has started with the release of Citadels on April, who rebuilt the concept of player-owned structures across the cluster. The result was seen live with a positive feedback made by the players.


These Citadels were culminated over the years of work. This oucome will only be possible because of the EVE community’s active participation. Through these months, the developers added more features to the basic Upwell Structure core such as redeeming, direct trade, and contracts.

The bet is decided to take was that if EVE players were provided better tools for creating their own shared infrastructure they would take that ball and run with it, eventually shifting even more of the EVE universe into the control of players. The game devs are happy to be able to say that you folks didn’t disappoint.

Dev’s Appreciation over EVE ISK Hunters

Over 7800 hunters of EVE ISK and corporations have atleast one Upwell Structure in space right now. Four player alliances have active home citadels with more traffic and trade volume than any NPC stations. An exception of the big four trade hubs and the newbie systems was an exception. The busiest of them has also surpassed Rens in trade volume.

The top 100 most active industry facilities in EVE (measured by industry job output value) so far in 2017 consist of 13 NPC stations, one Outpost, one Starbase array, one Citadel and 84 Engineering Complexes.