Syndicates are groups of interest operating throughout the Origin System separate from the Corpus, Grineer, and the Tenno. These factions have their own ideologies and goals regarding the fate of the system, with some inevitably in disagreement with another syndicate. The Syndicate console on the Landing Craft is unlocked once a player has reached Mastery Rank 3 and in hunting Warframe Items. Syndicates can be accessed earlier from a Relay through the Syndicate representatives there.

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Choosing Missions for Warframe Items

Players can choose to perform various quests, missions and alerts for a particular syndicate, raising the player’s affinity with that group and earning access to unique offerings. Raising familiarity with one group, however can raise the anger of another group, and even lead them to launch hits against a player, so choosing which syndicate to gain standing with is important.

There are currently 8 known Syndicates, each having their own unique themes and goals. Every syndicate has a particular relationship with other syndicates, favorable or otherwise. Earning reputation with a particular group also earns reputation to a group they have favorable relationships with, but decreases reputation with another group that they oppose.

8 Well-known syndicates to buy Warframe Items

Select your desired Syndicate if you’re about to buy Warframe Items;

  • STEEL MERIDIAN – Led by a battle-hardened Grineer deserter, the Steel Meridian fight a guerrilla war against a vast enemy. They are sworn protectors of what little remains of the colonies.
  • ARBITERS OF HEXIS – The dogmatic Arbiters seek a truth through discipline and practice. They reject the “Tenno as Warrior” mythology – a lie constructed to limit their potential.
  • CEPHALON SUDA – A vast consciousness watching with a curious eye. Seemingly devoid of emotion Suda’s thirst for knowledge and abhorrence of destruction can only be described as passionate.
  • THE PERRIN SEQUENCE – A collective of brilliant and powerful merchants, splintered from the Corpus. Their goal is to restore order by bringing prosperity and direction to the violent world they study.
  • RED VEIL – The Red Veil see corruption all around them. They are honor-bound to heal the system through a great and violent purge. No cost too great, no blood too precious.
  • NEW LOKA – Only through restoration of a pure humanity and the repopulation of Earth can the conflict end. The New Loka is worshippers of the human form and Earth, before its corruption.
  • CONCLAVE – We were led astray. We forgot the Conclave, so when that new evil came, we were not prepared. This is how we failed the Orokin. You went into stasis, but not me. I searched the long path for redemption, for the kind of balance only The Conclave can create.
  • CEPHALON SIMARIS – Cephalon Simaris is building a digital oasis called Sanctuary. Simaris requires Tenno to hunt down and ‘convert’ special targets in a process called ‘Synthesis’. In exchange, Simaris promises enlightenment to his hunters.