In many online games, there are two currencies: the regular in-game currency, and the one bought using real-life money. Warframe is no different, as the game has Warframe platinum. It’s basically a person’s hard-earned money, it’s only right for players who bought some to spend it prudently.

One good way to spend that Warframe plat would be on Warframes themselves, as they are basically the most important “items” in the game because they are what you play. But don’t just get your hands on any Warframe, as some are worth more your money than others. If you don’t know which Warframes deserve your dough, then here are a few examples.

Warframe Plat for These, Well, Warframes


Ivara – this Warframe, which looks like a hooded huntress, is definitely worth the Warframe platinum because farming for the parts needed for this Warframe would be a pain to gather. Therefore, instead of building lot of time that could be used on other important things, in-game or otherwise. So if you’re looking for a stealthy, swift-moving, and long-ranged sniper, then Ivara is your best bet, as this frame is a natural with the bow.


Vauban – at first glance, it’s hard to see how the Vauban Warframe is considered as engineer-themed. But once you play it, you’ll understand that its play style and advantage would be in making trapping modules in order to give him an edge in the battlefield. And if you think that’s not good enough a reason for you not to buy this guy, then how about the fact that the parts necessary to build it can only be obtained via in-game bonuses and alert missions, making it near-impossible to obtain if you’re strapped for time?


Mesa – this sexy yellow catsuit-looking, dual-wielding femme fatale is an exceptional frame, as it can play multiple roles as sniper, semi-tank, or DPS. With such versatility, this Warframe is definitely worth the Warframe platinum price. And while you can also farm for the parts used to build it, well, why wait?

So, there you have it, three Warframes that are worth your platinum. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Warframe platinum, buy these Warframes, and dominate Tenno. Now.