The classes in wildstar are unique to each other in terms of skills and game mechanics. However, when it comes to armor, they simply named the armors as light armors, medium armors and heavy armors. This system of armors made the game not so unique. It’s like saying that “light armor for squishy character and heavy armor for tough character.” It’s that simple.

This article talks about the classes: stalker, medic and engineer. And see if who has the capable wildstar gold hunter!


Stalker Class Overview for Wildstar Gold Hunters

The stalker is one of the coolest classes in the game. Stalkers have the capability to become invisible and deal sneaky damage. They have a set of crowd control skills that enable them to kill enemies without fighting back.

The stalker class is not only damage per second class, but it is also a tank class. However, they wear only medium armor, but it does not mean that they cannot tank at all. They are capable of tanking, because aside from wearing medium armor, they also have nano suit that helps them reduce damage taken from enemies.

Medic Class Overview Wildstar Gold Hunters

The medic class as the name pertains to it is not only a happy go lucky healing class. It’s a class that heals allies and damages opponents at the same time (pretty convenient isn’t it?) The medic class is not a stereotypical healer class like in other MMORPG. The medic class has the access to medium armor, which makes them more durable than esper and other medium armor users. In addition to these amazing features, the medic class also has probes to assist them with healing and damage at the same time, these probes are like mechanical drones that enable medics to provide support and rear damage to their team mates.

Engineer Class Overview for Wildstar Gold Hunters

The engineer is a class that wears heavy armor, expect it to be tough. The engineer can summon or create mechanized drones to aid them at combat. These drones can also do anything like the medic’s probes. They can also heal buff and damage enemies.

The cool feature of this class is it can transform into an ironman. Check it out to find out more about being iron man!