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Grand Prankster’s Visit for EverQuest Platinum

March 31, 2015 editor 0

Bristlebane Day 2015 will run from 12:01am PDT on March 27th through 11:59pm PDT on April 9th. Jesters, thieves, bards and fans of mischief are invited to enjoy the festivities that surround Bristlebane Day! You never know what riddles, laughs and pranks are to be found during this time of year. Celebrators are present in every home city and the oddest of objects have been spotted in Antonica, The Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, Greater […]

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16th Year Anniversary Events for EverQuest Platinum Hunters

March 24, 2015 editor 0

Last March 16th it has been marked for 16 years that Norrathians have been adventuring through the lands of EverQuest. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate EverQuest’s rich history by participating in anniversary events! While we have a full schedule of things for players to do in the coming weeks, participate with your EverQuest Platinum hunter and win event freebies. EverQuest Platinum Hunter Designed Missions If you attended SOE Live in the past, you may […]

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Crusader Class for Hunting EverQuest Platinum

March 20, 2015 editor 0

In this guide we will feature another character class that might fit your fighting style using your EverQuest Platinum hunter. Some players want to try all of the character classes available in their account. Well that is a good but it will consume your time and it will divide your focus on one character only. You’ll probably have a hard time to maximize your time on your main character and you will have a hard […]

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Guides for Level 100 Characters to Earn EverQuest Platinum

March 19, 2015 editor 0

In playing MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) the loot you are getting is getting smaller as you level up your character class. But the rarity of these items is very rare and valuable. You may require yourself to grind too much to gain items and EverQuest Platinum in order to gain profits for your character needs. These tips might help you earn platinum and items for your character and you might gain profits […]

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Tears of the Ocean Lore for EverQuest Platinum

March 17, 2015 editor 0

In EverQuest Platinum online there have several Lore. One is the Ocean of Tears Lore. The Ocean of Tears is the second largest salt water sea in Norrath, rivaled only by the emerald waters of Timorous Deep. It lies between the continents of Antonica and Faydwer and can be crossed in either direction using the ports of Freeport and Butcherblock. EverQuest Platinum: Lore of the Waters Several islands have risen above the waters; royal blue […]

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EverQuest Platinum in Sambata Tribesmen

March 13, 2015 editor 0

Farming Rock hopper Hides in Marus Seru or Dawnshroud Peaks will net you less money than farming for Bear or Wolf Pelts in Goru’kar Mesa as well as less XP. Check out more of the monsters in Marus Seru or Dawnshroud Peaks for EverQuest Platinum. Hunting EverQuest Platinum in Rock Hoppers This is the best place to farm EverQuest Platinum is at Marus Seru or Dawnshroud.  The Goru’kar Mesa there is no “ultra awesome vendor […]

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Invading the Plains of Hate for EverQuest Platinum

March 12, 2015 editor 0

Pour out your hate in the plains of hate. This farming spot is one of the great sources of EverQuest Platinum. The great thing in this farming spot is despite of the moderate platinum drop, there are tons of monster mobs. You can earn big platinum profits because of their big count. Read more of this farming spot and start earning platinum now. Big Monster Count for EverQuest Platinum If you are farming in the […]

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Fury of the Beast for EverQuest Platinum

March 6, 2015 editor 0

The Wild in EverQuest Online has its king. Beast lord is one of the unique character classes in EverQuest Online. This character class has the powers of the monk and the shaman class. Beast lord is always along with his powerful pets in the battle. Let us feature the Beast lord character class for collecting EverQuest Platinum. EverQuest Platinum with the Beast lord Beast lords can imbue their pets with powers and combat enemies with […]

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EverQuest Platinum in Guardians Wake

March 5, 2015 editor 0

The crypt of the Nadox is one of the greatest farming spot for EverQuest Platinum. The estimated earnings of platinum in this spot are 2,800-3,400 and your average plat per kill is 8-12 platinum. Read more of this farming spot. EverQuest Platinum hunting in the Crypt This farming spot is right off the Gulf of Gunthak, which has a book from PoK to it. The Crypt of Nadox is another one of those spots where […]

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EverQuest Platinum Earning with Poisoned Rogues

March 3, 2015 editor 0

Poison making is one of the most useful Tradeskill in gaining EverQuest Platinum. Poison making is can only be performed by rogues.  It makes the attack of the rogues poured with poison especially the rogue’s melee attacks. Let us check the things we can expect on rogues with the poison making Tradeskill. Poison Stings for EverQuest Platinum Collecting Rogues are the character class which are specialized on melee attacks. Sustained damage to one foe at a […]

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