RIFT Platinum Collectors: Preview on Nightmare Tide Expansion

A new expansion, Nightmare Tide, is coming to RIFT! Players will get a whole new plane to explore filled with new quests, dungeons and slivers. RIFT Platinum collectors will also get new dynamic content as an increase to the level cap.

Nightmare Tide Expansion Preview for RIFT Platinum Collectors

New zones and quests to hunt RIFT Platinum in

Nightmare Tide will be bringing players beyond Telara and into the Plane of Water. In this new plane characters can take on new quests, dungeons and raids to collect RIFT Platinum. Nightmare Rifts will also be introduced for those who like to brave new challenges.

Max level for collectors of RIFT Platinum increased

Alongside the new content will be an increased to the maximum level characters can reach. Nightmare Tide will increase the level cap to 65. This is to allow RIFT Platinum hunters to appreciate the new gear that will come with the expansion. Check here for more details.

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