Be astounded by rift 3.2: echoes of madness update. This update features content about new raid that can be populated by 20 players, new stylistic wardrobe for old and new players, the tier 6 nightmare rifts, nightmare tide fishing and more exciting game features!

This article will discuss the main points of the updates mentioned above. So sit back and relax!


Update for Rift Platinum Farmers: 20-Player Raid

According to the rift’s community, raids in the game are lacking a content that will develop their characters. Raids in rifts nowadays don’t excite players anymore. It is because of the developers’ classical approach of conceptualizing the dungeons, boss monsters and mobs.

Through these concerns, the developers finally recognized the need to re-master their half-baked concepts about dungeons and especially monster drops/rewards.

For players who haven’t heard about the Hammerknell update, try visiting the raid now with your friends and find out the new features of the dungeon. The dungeon must provide better loots and exciting new features that players are pleading on the game’s developers.

Update for Rift Platinum Farmers: Wardrobe Upgrades

Getting tired of the character’s appearance? Or simply hated it from the start, it happens that it’s the strongest armor a character can wear.

Rejoice! New wardrobes are now intact in the game! The new wardrobes feature different kinds of colors and more customizations about style and fashion!

The most exciting stuff about this update is that weapons are now customizable, which would transform your traditional weapon into modern weapon!

Now the characters in the game will have difference. Unlike without wardrobe customization, level 60 players have a lot of distinct characteristics. The only difference is their name.

Though this update may cause some rift platinum or rift gold.

Update for Rift Platinum Farmers: Tier 6 Nightmare Rifts and Nightmare Tide Fishing

The developers added a new tier 6 nightmare rifts and nightmare tide fishing.

For nightmare hunter of the highest order, prepare for the new nightmare rift with endless waves of challenge!

Additionally, a new leisure alternative is now available for exhausted players. Nightmare tide fishing is available in the plane of water and enjoy the new revamped poles, lures, quests and the new fishing audio!